Look at a home closely when staged

Home stagings are designed to paint a house in its best light and show potential buyers all of its potential. While an open house can give individuals more insight about a property’s layout, features and quirks, it can also be deceiving if they don’t look past the accent pieces and nice paint color.

Buyers should look extremely closely at a home to determine if the property is truly right for them and avoid buyer’s remorse down the road.

Consider the size and layout

Walking into an old home with several hallways, caddy corners and uniquely-shaped rooms can give the property a one-of-a-kind feeling. This is especially true if existing owners have the home decorated in a way that complements its creative construction. However, buyers should look beyond the decorated image they see in front of them and consider whether the property will meet their own needs and lifestyle, according to MSN Real Estate. For example, perhaps they have young children or elderly family members living with them that may have difficulties getting around the home.

In other instances, a home may have a nice open layout or design, but be too large or small for what homeowners were looking for. It’s easy to get caught up in having a built-in library or other feature that strikes a buyer’s fancy, but if they must break their budget to purchase a home that does not fall in line with their needs, it’s important to be realistic about it.

Pay close attention to quality

Buyers should also inspect the quality of the home to make sure it’s up to their standards. Examine the flooring, cabinetry, bathrooms and kitchen to get a better idea of the materials used and whether they are starting to show signs of wear. It’s acceptable to ask real estate agents if the sellers had any work done on the home or willing to negotiate on repairs. Buyers should also keep in mind that certain features can be easily updated to suit their needs, such as fixtures, countertops, doors and cabinets. In some cases, sellers may agree to make updates to the home prior to selling, but in others, buyers may want to undertake these tasks themselves to ensure they are getting what they want.

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